'This work has arrived from spending time at the coast and contemplating ideas of survival – or making and creating as a means to survive on the solitary coastline. It is an adventure into working with the natural materials of this location, along with debris and flotsam - the remains of man and industry in the area, and the sea as transport.

This construction grew from collecting washed up coal, sediment from local industry that has transformed the sand at the shoreline into a crystallised and glittering black surface. Larger pieces of coal that had washed up on the sand, along with driftwood, were collected and built up gradually.

The circular fire formation is a migration from the more traditional purposes of a fire (used to cook food and provide warmth) and instead harnesses the more contemplative qualities of the fire as a place for reverie. It also signals and defines an area - a presence that calls out an invitation to others.'

Ephemeral Coast: Response

Art & Design Foundation Lecturers | Offsite at the National Waterfront Museum

09 September - 29 October 2017

'Ephemeral Coast links coastal spaces internationally, including Wales, Mauritius, the USA, and Canada. Working with an array of artists, climate change scientists and thinkers from the humanities, the project seeks to develop a nexus of understanding between art, empathy, and the degradation of the ocean.' 

Ephemeral Coast is curated by Celina Jeffery, University of Ottawa, Canada www.ephemeralcoast.com

We are observers and recorders of the world around us. Living, working and teaching in Swansea, a city by the sea, we have a particular awareness of the intersection of the natural world and the political and social imperatives of the locality. The Foundation team will offer a range of responses, to connect with the ideas that Ephemeral Coast explores and create a link to the project for our students. 

The Art & Design Foundation course has a team seven permanent staff: Kath Clewett, Bella Kerr, Tim Stokes, Anthony Arrowsmith, Terri Saunders, Shellie Holden and Anna Lewis. Teaching across the range of disciplines within art and design, the team are practitioners in 3D design, fine art, animation and moving image, photography and fashion/textiles, and this diversity of practices, with evidence of our shared concerns with drawing, process and material language, is reflected our regular group exhibitions.

The Cert HE: Art & Design Foundation course is the first step for students pursuing a career in art and design. Introductions to a range of disciplines and broad experimentation start students on the journey towards specialization, application for further study and the production of a body of work compiled as a coherent portfolio.