A-void (Black)
Coloured Poly-Vinyl Artist Material | Performance
Excerpt from the larger video (20 minutes)

These video works have evolved from making substances and materials and using them to play and interact with the body. Curious as to how they change and transform the body, how they cover or overwhelm, and in some cases threaten to consume. Positioning the body to become something other – or not itself. It becomes the material, just like a moving sculpture.

The main substance I've been experimenting with is a viscous rubbery yet sticky material, one that is neither a solid nor a liquid but exists in-between states; it is ambiguous. When you touch it, it attaches and touches you back - it pulls you in!

In the videos, there are often two bodies (a duality) the substance sticks to their skin, forms a new skin, and also sticks them to each other. It morphs their bodies into one mass as they connect and then maps the space between them as they pull apart - I'm interested in the monstrous creations the bodies form using the material (A-void Black) And also how it serves as metaphor for the way we connect to other people, for relationships (50cm Apart Orange)

With special thanks to Anna Lewis, Alex Parsons, Sebastian Llangueneur. And Bart Cechowicz, Darcie Vincent, Carys Davies and Katie Lewis for their brilliant assistance. Photographs of everyone working on the shoot can be viewed here.

Footage also appears in the Music Video for Proles by the band Prosperina

Footage also appears in the Music Video for Proles by the band Prosperina